Ahead of the 2012 National Infrastructure Summit, the City of Regina & Regina
Regional Opportunities Commission
are seeking radical new approaches to
sustainable urban planning.

2040 Prize

The 2040 Prize gives you the chance to unleash your imagination and transform an existing neighbourhood into a community that offers the best of green technology and planning.
One of the biggest obstacles to truly innovative transformation in existing neighbourhoods is the interconnectedness of water, waste, transport and power systems. (It's difficult to design the public transit system when the streets were built decades ago.) To overcome these limitations, the 2040 Prize permits and strongly encourages entrants to rethink all systems – no restrictions.
Using the data below, transform the neighbourhood of Rosemont, Regina.
After submitting your design, you will get the chance to benefit from our Mentoring Scheme. For more information please follow this link.
We invite all innovators to partake in this challenge and make a mark on the future of Regina.
The finals will be held 10th-12th September 2012 in Regina at the National Infrastructure Summit. The finalists will pitch their vision before a gathering of public sector decision makers and an independent jury of experts and industry people.
The winner will be awarded a contract worth $50,000, the details of which will to be negotiated post-competition.


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Deadline: 29th May 2012