Ahead of the 2012 National Infrastructure Summit, the City of Regina & Regina
Regional Opportunities Commission
are seeking radical new approaches to
sustainable urban planning.

Greenfield Prize

The Greenfield Prize is calling on innovators (including students, university teams and startups) from around the world to come up with a plan for an entirely new neighbourhood. This Prize is based on an imaginary, empty area, 100 hectares in size, where there are no existing systems and an urban utopia can be created from scratch.
Take this empty plot of land and build on it your dream, a green city where the energy is clean, the transport efficient and people can live in a sustainable and beautiful place. We are looking for creative, state of the art, groundbreaking and stunning ideas!
The finals will be held 10th-12th September 2012 in Regina at the National Infrastructure Summit.
After submitting your design, you will get the chance to benefit from our Mentoring Scheme. For more information please follow this link.
The finalists will pitch their vision before an independent jury of experts and industry people.
The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize. We encourage interdisciplinary teams, although it is not a formal entry condition.
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Deadline: 29th May 2012